Curse Of The Crimson Throne

The Story So Far
Wherin the PC's arrive in Korvosa...

Day 1
The Pc’s arrive at Korvosa.
Sightings of Zellara on the wait line into Korvosa.
Najla and Renzo leave the PC’s thier contact info as everyone splits up in the city proper.
Allerax and Zellem find residence in the Vault of Abadar, the central bank of Korvosa.
Bertram occupies his usual accomodations while in Korvosa.
Alya resides with family temporarily…

Day 2
Betram meets with his contact who keeps him appraised of the current political situation in the City.
Allerax helps to collect taxes in order for to pay for her stay at the Vault.
Alya makes other living arangements as her families space is way to cramped.

Day 3
Zellara is contacted by the PC’s to help her get revenge on Gaedren Lamm.
The PC’s make thier way to the fishery and scout the place out.
They move in under the cover of night and after a swiftly moving battle frees the young slaves
of the fishery and vanquish Lamm and most of his minions.
They discover Zellara’s Harrow Deck and her severed head among Lamm’s belongings.
The PC’s are upset at being duped and start to head back to Zellara’s home to look for clues.
When they get back to street level (from below the fishery) they discover that the city is in chaos.
News has spead that the King is dead.
PC’s deduce that her rooftops provide the safest meaans of travel as the city streets are awash with mobs and riots.

When the PC’s get close to thier destination they hit the streets again. On the streets they run into a small mob of
teamsters about to assault a young noble (Armin Jalento) who is being protected by a lone, drunken member of the Korvosan .
Gaurd (Grau Saldano).
The PC’s intimidate the teamsters into moving on, only then to be attacked by a group of Imp’s.
(They probably escaped the Academae during the chaos…)
The PC’s secure victory while protecting thier newly found charge and Betram and Caleb (who found his friends just as they
were taking to the rooftops) escort him to his family estate where there are rewarded for thier efforts.
There they find out from Armin’s father that most of the nobles of Korvosa do not think favorably of thier new Queen and
she may be just the kind to exact retribution upon her political enemies so the Jalentos are making plans to leave the city.
They offer to put up Bertram and Caleb for the night since the streets still arent safe.

The others are now holed up in Zellara’s old home with Grau Saldano to see what the morning will bring…

Day 4
Bertram and Caleb return to Zellara’s apt where the PC’s are confronted by Zellara’s ghost. She apologizes for deciving them
but rationalizes that the party may not have helped her if they knew of her true nature. She offers to give them a free hallow reading.
The portents of which predict that the city’s troubles are not yet over and the PC’s will play a part in determining whether or
not law will be restablished or chaos will run wild.

In going over the loot from Gaedren Lamm’s place they discover a broken brooch which Bertram recognizes instantly as belonging to the Queen!
After a short but heated discussion they decide to meet with Renzo who will help them fence the goods and advise them on what to do.
Renzo has had a rough night and has lost 2 of his fingers after being assaulted in the street. He’s recovering at a local inn when
the PC’s find him. He offers them a more than fair rate (10%, his usual is anywhere from 25% – 30%), they show him the brooch.
He advises that they take it to the Queen immediately for the reward and possibly to curry favor.

The PC’s make thier way to the Korvosan Guard HQ and meet Feild Marshall Cressida Croft who verifies the validity of the brooch who then takes
them to meet the Queens Bodaygaurd, confidant and possibly lover Sabine Merrin. It’s Sabine who presnets them to the Queen who is dressed in black,
still in Mourning for her recently deceased husband.

She thanks the PC’s for the return of her Brooch and beseeches the PC’s to help her restore some semblnce of order to Korvosa.
They offer thier assistance and are told they will be compensated both for the return of the brooch and their efforts in helping the
Korvosan Guard.

The Queen takes her leave and the PC’s retire to thier respective quarters for the rest of the day.

Day 6
The PC’s are contacted by Cressida Croft that they are needed at the Korvosan Guard HQ (Citadel Volshyenek).
There they are given thier first mission: To recover a few of her men who have gone off the reservation and who maybe inciting sedition against the new Queen. They are operating out of a butchers shop called ALL THE WORLD’S MEAT. Thier leader is a soldier called Verik Vancaskerkin.

After scoping out the place and gathering information the PC’s learn that the men within have been providing meat to the
local people who have been impacted by the riots and unrest. The teamsters and transporters have not been moving supplies
or food around the city so people have beeen going without. Apparently Vancaskerkin and his men have been operating as good samaritains.

However, with a little more intelligence gathering they disocver that the soldiers have been taking thug and leg breaking work on the side. They may also be doing a bit more than leg breaking and using the auspices of the butcher shop to dispose of bodies

The situation is resolved with a little fighting, alot of talking and the death of one of Vancaskerkins men as the PC’s discover that, Verik
was unaware of his men’s side buisness and only wanted to help the people and speak out against a queen who he believes does not have the city’s
best interest at heart. He and his men surrender and are escorted back to the Citadel Volshyenek to eventually stand trial.

Day 8
The Pcs are summoned for thier next mission…

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